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Here's what you will receive on the USB

The Converting Ad Template

Get our 15 minute training on creating a High Converting Ad every single time. You'll also get a PHYSICAL copy of our ad template posted to you with the USB.

The Hustle Plan

Our 4 step hustle plan process to help you start leveraging your assets that you already have, without spending on ads, and how to get some quick leads when you do crank your ads up.

The N.O.C. Method

Discover the N.O.C. Method responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. When it comes to your Facebook™ Marketing you NEED to apply this method to scale your results. 

The Mogul Method

Our strategic video retargeting process that allows you to start getting clients HUNGRY to work with you and make your competition irrelevant.
Here's what a handful of our customers have achieved by implementing what we have shown on this USB
Justin Farina
Using the strategies that we teach Justin was able to get a RIDICULOUS return on his ad spend, and help more people!

Frank Alderton
Through just one of the 4 components you'll get on this USB Frank was able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and reach over 70,000 of his ideal market. 
Ingrid Arna
Applying the N.O.C. process enabled us to help Ingrid scale her webinar and generate new business, and an immediate return on investment.

So What's Next?
As I mentioned before, this USB is 100% free. Plus you're getting a physical copy of our perfect ad template, absolutely free.

The only thing that I ask is if you can help me cover the cost of the postage costs, which is only $7.95 (anywhere in the world!) 

And what's the catch? 
There Isn't One
I know (because I have gone through them myself) that sometimes you might go to a website and they offer you something super-cool for free, and then your stuck in something where they charge you a fee every month and you can't workout how to cancel it and it goes on and on. 

This is not anything like that. 

NO crazy hidden secret programs, just 100% value. 
Here's why I am actually sharing this...
  • It's My Passion - I love helping others succeed, if I didn't have the mentors that helped me succeed I wouldn't be where I am and I always said I would pay it forward
  • Let me explain - The knowledge inside will help you with your strategies, I know that once you see what we have to offer and you implement it, you will see that it's something you want your business to grow and it's how you do it.
  • And so much more - It's because I can, I love giving away value like this and helping other people get their business on track and then I get to hear success stories from my clients and it makes me feel good.
Smile-On-Your-Dial Guarantee
I can with out a shadow of a doubt guarantee that you will think this USB training is phenomenal, and it will put a smile on your dial on the thoughts of the possibilities this has! If you don't smile about the prospects of growing your business after watching and reading everything on this - then drop me a message and I will refund your $7.95, and I'll event record you a video apologising for wasting your time. 

Don't send anything back - just email me and I'll refund you immediately, and we'll even part as friends. Now no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee as this training is world class, but hey, it will probably help you sleep a little easier ;)
How long until it arrives? 
Well we only have 50. It's first come first served - and we will get them out between 5-7 working days, unless sold out in which case we will let you know as it might be an additional few days to wait till they come back in stock.
This offer is limited. We only have 50 of these on our desks SO GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST...
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